Where are your limits?

Those were the first words I heard in Tuesday night's yoga class.  A few things immediately crossed my mind but the first was I have no limits - I can do anything - shatter the glass ceiling!  

Well I guess I have a few...

That silly 4 word phrase had me going for the whole class!  I thought about speed limits, body limits, height limits, age limits.  All kinds of limits.  Some serve a purpose but some are meant to be pushed.  

For instance, I try and stay ahead of the photography curve so that I am not limited to anything and am always open to new ideas.  In other areas I have been limiting myself.  Yes, the reason I was at the yoga class was because I am one of the thousands the have resolved to lose weight this year.  My weight has limited lots of areas of my life - physical capabilities, confidence, clothing selection - just to mention a few.  

I've been a runner for the last 3 years so hopping on the treadmill or going out for a run is nothing unusual.  The day after my yoga class, with limits fresh on my brain, I pushed myself and for the last 15 seconds of my run, I ran at 8 mph on the treadmill.  While it was only 15 seconds its something I never thought I could do without falling off!  I could have fallen flat on my face, which would have made a few people laugh and me feel silly, but instead I succeeded.  I've never felt more empowered by a 15 second run!  

  No Name Key, FL

No Name Key, FL

So I pose the same question to you - WHAT ARE YOUR LIMITS?

Are some of those limits a kind of protection?
What would happen if you push yourself outside your limits?
When do those limits serve a purpose and when to they inhibit you?
Who set your limits?  
Are those limits still in place because they are comforting or comfortable?
Do you have limits because you're unsure of whats out there?

Even if you've made a resolution, I challenge you to break one of your limits - not one thats a law or that you know you shouldn't - something that will improve or empower you!  Can you save a penny more, do one more push up, give 5 more kisses at bedtime?  You don't know what you're capable of until you step out of your comfort zone and push to improve.  Get your year off to a good start and stop putting limitations on what you're capable of!  

spot on.