This is my Uncle Greg.  I can say I have met hard working people, some who have dedicated their entire lives to their craft, even a few who love their job.  None of them come close to my Uncle's passion for his life's work.  



Greg has worked at Gary Gray for as long as I can remember but never knew how much he loved his job and his truck until now.  During the hour or so we spent taking his portraits, I learned the history of where he got it, how he cared for it, and even what upgrades have been done to it.  When I asked him to point out his favorite thing about it, he named just about every detail.  I felt like I was in the company of a little boy telling me all about his favorite toy.  It was so charming to see.  While most truckers would read or play games during their delivery, Greg spends his time polishing and detailing the outside of his Peterbilt.  


Greg is not the first truck lover in our family.  My Grandfather was also a driver.  This is a painting of him with his International truck.  A photographer had done portraits of him and as a gift, my Dad had one made into a painting that now hangs in Greg's home.  With such a special piece of artwork, I couldn't help but try to recreate it with my Uncle.  Through out-takes and giggles we got the shot!  I was glad that both his kids could share in the making of such a special photo.  We will all remember this for years to come.  

spot on.