My first blog post!

About 1/4 of you who visit my site stop by my blog.  For a while it sat on my page empty because I had no idea what I would discuss on it.  I thought I would give things a try.  Well here goes..........

Picture 2.png

My belief is that you are never truly finished learning your craft.  Practicing what I preach, I took a class today with Michael Downey at Unique Photo.  It was a one on one session so that I could ask some questions that have been pestering me.  There were a few buttons on the camera that I had no idea what they were useful for.  Sure, I could look in my manual, but even when I did that, I still had no idea how to apply them when taking pictures.  It was nice to sit with someone who could explain what they do and how to use them in different settings!  I am excited to report that after an hour, I have a working knowledge of every button on my camera!  

spot on.