Mom's Lap

Missing Mommy 

Content on Mommy's lap

Her brother Sammy filled in the missing spot nicely

Sometimes the most comfortable place for any baby is right on Mommy's lap.  Yesterday, Bella either pouted or full out cried every time her Mom put her down.   

Going with Belle's obvious request, we moved her from our in-home set to Mom's lap.  It was an instant turn around!  She went from yelling at us to perfectly happy and talking up a storm!  A little clean up of the edges in post and --boom-- happy baby, happy mommy, happy photo!   It was a quick and easy switch and everyone was smiling again.  

Next time, things aren't going as planned, change your perspective and see if it helps.  

Has your mind been blown by this easy switch?  BELLE'S TOO!

spot on.