Lessons from Kids

I love watching kids learn from one another.  If one starts singing, jumping, playing a game - as long it seems fun - others join right in.  This helps us think about things we like, that make us smile, happy, giggle and ultimately shape up into the people we are today.  We learn our best lessons when we take a leap of faith and see where we land.  

Kids are not afraid to look silly if it means having a bunch of fun.  Prime example - rolling down a hill.  When one kids rolls down a hill and all the others see how much fun he or she is having, they all run to the top of the hill, lay down sideways, and let go!  Too often as adults we feel judged or are concerned about how others may perceive us if we choose to take a risk and go outside the norm - a preverbal roll down the hill.  

Rather than looking for others to show you how to smile or laugh, why not be the brave one at the top of the hill first!  How can you prioritize so you make yourself, your best self?  What makes you smile, laugh, happy?  Maybe go for a hike, get a pedicure, read your favorite book again, do some volunteer work.  When you are happy, it rubs off on everyone around you.  You smile more, you laugh more, and best of all, you do more for others.  Happiness is only a hop, skip, and a jump away!  Turn your frown upside-down :)

spot on.