Done Face

This year's Holiday photos were a blast!  I saw many familiar faces and met a bunch of new ones!  Each session was unique but one thing overall was a common  - done face.  This is the face that occurs when a child is totally done with standing in front of me while their parents yell "say cheese" or try to make them giggle.  I've compiled some of my favorite examples below.  

The "Angry" Done Face

Charlie the Elf - 108.jpg
Madi the Elf! - 159.jpg

The "Flashback" Done Face


The "Done Face in Disguise"


The "Photobomb" Done Face

The Walsh Sisters - 104.jpg

The "Scream Machine" Done Face

The Scalia's - 4294.jpg

The "Take your props and leave" Done Face

11:16:2013 - 45.jpg

The "Bored" Done Face

W&E 2013 - 068.jpg

Thank you all for inviting to make memories and photos with your family.  I hope to see you again next year.

Have safe and extraordinary Holiday!  

spot on.